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Info:самолеты translates to English as 'aircraft', and unsurpisingly these pogs all feature images of various aircraft.

On the back they are numbered and have a point score, which varies between 5 and 50 points.

Thanks to Pavel Chugaynov for the scans.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Самолеты 03-15-points. Самолеты 04-20-points. Самолеты 06-30-points. Самолеты 10-50-points. Самолеты 12-10-points. Самолеты 13-15-points. Самолеты 14-20-points. Самолеты 15-25-points. Самолеты 16-30-points. Самолеты 17-35-points. Самолеты 18-40-points. Самолеты 19-45-points. Самолеты 21-5-points. Самолеты 22-10-points. Самолеты 23-15-points. Самолеты 24-20-points. Самолеты 26-30-points. Самолеты 27-35-points. Самолеты 28-40-points. Самолеты 29-45-points. Самолеты 30-50-points. Самолеты 31-5-points. Самолеты 32-10-points. Самолеты 33-15-points. Самолеты 34-20-points. Самолеты 36-30-points. Самолеты 37-35-points. Самолеты 38-40-points. Самолеты 39-45-points. Самолеты 40-50-points. Самолеты 41-5-points. Самолеты 43-15-points. Самолеты 44-20-points. Самолеты Back.