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Info:These Tazos feature characters from Nintendo's Pokémon video games. On the front of each cap it has an image of a Pokémon, the Pokémon's number and name, and the type of Pokémon. The type is written in Spanish, Portguese, and Greek, so it is likely that this set was distributed in those three countries.

On the back it has the tazo's number in the set and the logos for Tasty (Greek brand of Frito-Lay) and Matutano (Spanish and Portuguese brand of Frito-Lay). It also has some coloured circles, which I think indicate what Pokémon types the Pokémon is either especially effective or weak against.

Thanks to Silke for the scans.
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Country:PortugalYear of release:Produced by:Matutano

Country:SpainYear of release:Produced by:Matutano

Country:GreeceYear of release:Produced by:Tasty
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