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Number in series: 245 Tags: Trōv
Info:These Trōvs feature a variety of designs. All these have a purple back except the Slouch In The Couch Trōv, which has a red back. The one with a holographic foil design is not numbered on the back.

Thanks to Pavel Chugaynov for a couple of the images.
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Trōv > Trōv 010. Trōv > Trōv 037. Trōv > Trōv 056. Trōv > Trōv 062-The-Slouch-In-The-Couch-Milly-&-Slouch. Trōv > Trōv 08. Trōv > Trōv 120. Trōv > Trōv 228. Trōv > Trōv Back-(purple). Trōv > Trōv Back-(red). Trōv > Trōv Back-unnumbered. Trōv > Trōv Dragon.