Unknown > © 95 ZB (Zo Boy)

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Info:These caps all have blank backs with no series name or manufacturer information. They all feature a copyright notice '© 95 ZB' on the front, and most of them are numbered in the same style.

The images feature the character Zo Boy, or just the text 'Zo Boy'. They are cut in various shapes, rather than the circle shape typical of most pogs.

The copyright text and numbering is very similar in style to Bad Boy Club pogs, both sets were probably produced by the same company.

See also other Zo Boy pogs.

Thanks to 5pence for these scans.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Unknown > © 95 ZB (Zo Boy) 03-Zo-Boy. Unknown > © 95 ZB (Zo Boy) 18-Zo-Boy. Unknown > © 95 ZB (Zo Boy) ©-95-ZB-Zo-Boy-red-blue-text-in-hexagon.