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Number in series: 5 Tags: Gas, Méthanie, Wackers!
Info:These Wackers! feature Méthanie, a cartoon natural gas flame from a French children's television program.

Thanks to Vincent for the scans of the full set of Méthanie Wackers!
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Wackers! > Méthanie 01-Methanie-la-petite-flamme-du-gaz-naturel. Wackers! > Méthanie 02-Methanie-la-petite-flamme-du-gaz-naturel. Wackers! > Méthanie 03-Methanie-la-petite-flamme-du-gaz-naturel. Wackers! > Méthanie 04-Methanie-la-petite-flamme-du-gaz-naturel. Wackers! > Méthanie 05-Methanie-la-petite-flamme-du-gaz-naturel. Wackers! > Méthanie Back.