Pokémon (small)

Number in series: 152 Tags: Nintendo, Pokemon, Small, video games
Info:These Pokémon pogs are only around 35 mm in diameter (compared to the standard 40 mm). They were possibly designed to be used in a 'shooter' / flying discs toy. The designs are the same as the standard size Pokémon pogs.

As well as the 151 Pokémon from the original Pokémon games, the set also features Togepi, which is un-numbered on the back.
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Pokémon (small) 008-Wartortle. Pokémon (small) 009-Blastoise. Pokémon (small) 01-Bulbasaur. Pokémon (small) 016-Pidgey. Pokémon (small) 017-Pidgeotto. Pokémon (small) 018-Pidgeot. Pokémon (small) 02-Ivysaur. Pokémon (small) 025-Pikachu. Pokémon (small) 026-Raichu. Pokémon (small) 03-Venusaur. Pokémon (small) 034-Nidoking. Pokémon (small) 035-Clefairy. Pokémon (small) 036-Clefable. Pokémon (small) 038-Ninetails. Pokémon (small) 039-Jigglypuff. Pokémon (small) 040-Wigglytuff. Pokémon (small) 043-Oddish. Pokémon (small) 044-Gloom. Pokémon (small) 045-Vileplume. Pokémon (small) 048-Venonat. Pokémon (small) 049-Venomoth. Pokémon (small) 052-Meowth. Pokémon (small) 054-Psyduck. Pokémon (small) 055-Golduck. Pokémon (small) 058-Growlithe. Pokémon (small) 060-Poliwag. Pokémon (small) 061-Poliwhirl. Pokémon (small) 062-Poliwrath. Pokémon (small) 065-Alakazam. Pokémon (small) 07-Squirtle. Pokémon (small) 079-Slowpoke. Pokémon (small) 080-Slowbro. Pokémon (small) 083-Farfetch'd. Pokémon (small) 084-Doduo. Pokémon (small) 085-Dodrio. Pokémon (small) 086-Seel. Pokémon (small) 094-Gengar. Pokémon (small) 110-Weezing. Pokémon (small) 113-Chansey. Pokémon (small) 114-Tangela. Pokémon (small) 115-Kangaskhan. Pokémon (small) 116-Horsea. Pokémon (small) 117-Seadra. Pokémon (small) 118-Goldeen. Pokémon (small) 119-Seaking. Pokémon (small) 120-Staryu. Pokémon (small) 123-Scyther. Pokémon (small) 128-Tauros. Pokémon (small) 130-Gyrados. Pokémon (small) 134-Vaporeon. Pokémon (small) 135-Jolteon. Pokémon (small) 137-Porygon. Pokémon (small) 144-Articuno. Pokémon (small) 145-Zapdos. Pokémon (small) 146-Moltres. Pokémon (small) 147-Dratini. Pokémon (small) 148-Dragonair. Pokémon (small) 149-Dragonite. Pokémon (small) 150-Mewtwo. Pokémon (small) 151-Mew. Pokémon (small) Back-1-star. Pokémon (small) Back-2-stars. Pokémon (small) Back-3-stars. Pokémon (small) Back-4-stars. Pokémon (small) Togepi.