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Info:These pogs feature the different Pokémon from the Nintendo video game released in the UK in 1999. The pogs were produced in a small size as well as standard pog size. They were probably sold with toy figures of Pokémon.

On the front of each pog it gives the weight and height of the Pokémon depicted, and a number of stars ranging from one to four. The back of each cap gives the Pokémon number and name, and also has a number of stars from 1-4. The number of stars on the front and back of each cap does not appear to be related.
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Pokémon 023-Ekans. Pokémon 025-Pikachu. Pokémon 035-Clefairy. Pokémon 039-Jigglypuff. Pokémon 054-Psyduck. Pokémon 061-Poliwhirl. Pokémon 107-Hitmonchan. Pokémon 125-Electabuzz. Pokémon 133-Eevee. Pokémon 134-Vaporeon. Pokémon 149-Dragonite. Pokémon Back-1-star. Pokémon Back-2-star. Pokémon Back-3-star. Pokémon Back-4-star.